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Matt Ryan discusses what Julio Jones means to him

Spoiler: it’s adorable.

This week, Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan appeared on the “Jim Rome Show” and spoke with Jim Rome about wide receiver Julio Jones is, and the impact he has on the team.

Jim Rome asked Matt Ryan what makes Julio Jones so special?

“He’s the most physically gifted player I’ve ever been around,” Matt Ryan said. “His size, his speed, his explosiveness.. I have never been around anyone like that. On top of that, he’s an unbelievable competitor. I think the combination of those two things, the skill set that he has and the competitive nature that he has makes him a problem. You know, a real problem for people to go against. It has been one of the honors of my career to be able to play with him for as long as I have. To be able to trust and count on him in all situations, that he is going to be able to make plays, it’s special. He is the best in the league in my opinion. I have certainly been lucky to play with him as long as I have.”

Matt Ryan and Julio Jones will enter their eighth season together in 2019. Both are still in their prime, and have continuously proven that they’re near the top of the league in their respective positions. It’s been reported that the Falcons are likely to make Julio highest-paid receiver in the league prior to training camp. I assume Matty Ice thinks he deserves it.