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Falcons trivia: Who had the worst kicking season in team history?

This will only serve to make you more appreciative for what Matt Bryant accomplished. Hint: It’s not the guy in the photo, either.

Atlanta Falcons v San Francisco 49ers Photo by George Rose/Getty Images

It wouldn’t be Falcons trivia if we didn’t roll out some of the most hideous seasons and moments from this team’s wretched early history, and that’s what we’ll do today. This trivia question comes to you courtesy of yours truly, and is this: Who had the worst full season kicking performance in team history?

To be clear about what I mean by this, I’m talking about the percentage of field goals made (and to a lesser extent extra points) over the course of an entire 14 or 16 game season.

The player in question is buried pretty far back in the team’s history, as you’d expect, and he managed to kick a full season and convert well under 50% of his field goal tries and under 90% of his extra point tries. It is not a slight exaggeration to say that this kicker’s clangs wound up costing the team multiple games that year, and suffice to say he did not enjoy a long career in the NFL.

In fairness to this man, there’s a certain longer-tenured Falcons kicker who has one season that is very nearly as bad and two other seasons under 50%. It was a different league and a different position then, as guys like Giorgio Tavecchio find themselves on the street for not hitting 80% of their kicks.

This one’s a tough one, so no one will blame you if you ultimately resort to cheating or talking to a battle-scarred older Falcons fan who was around to see this in real-time.