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Carrie Underwood will perform the Sunday Night Football opener in Mercedes-Benz Stadium, at long last

We have waited for millenia for this.

Super Bowl XLIV Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Billions of years ago, the first recognizably living organism winked into existence. From there, evolution took us in fits and starts from unicelluar creatures to those that could burrow, swim, and eventually even walk and fly. Meteor strikes, supervolcanoes, massive earthquakes, and ages both hot and cold threatened life on this planet, but yet it endured.

Out of all this absurdly hard work—and yes, luck—came human beings. And one of the great milestones of mankind will finally be attained after all that waiting, when Carrie Underwood shoots the Sunday Night Football Opening in Mercedes-Benz Stadium, marking the first time that has happened at a real stadium. Arthur Blank’s Football n’ Reasonably Priced Concession Dome finally landed a big fish.

It will be cool to see Mercedes-Benz Stadium in the opener, especially during the team’s Week 2 home tilt on Sunday Night Football against the Eagles. But that pales in comparison to knowing that we lucky few were alive to see this moment come to pass.