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An unconventional Falcons 2019 season preview

The Falcoholic writers preview the 2019 season in visual form.

Atlanta Falcons v Tampa Bay Buccaneers Photo by Will Vragovic/Getty Images

We’re at the point of the offseason when we’re all just ready for football to be back. It’s hard to avoid thinking about what this team is capable of accomplishing in the 2019 season.

But we’re also Falcons fans. We’ve been burned plenty of times. Optimism in the wake of heartbreak after heartbreak from this team is a tall order.

This is a constant topic of conversation among our writers, and we decided to share our thoughts about the upcoming season with you in visual form.

Here we go again

I’ve spent nearly every offseason thinking the Falcons got it right and this will be the year. I’ve been wrong every year. - Matt Chambers

It’s gonna be different this time. I think. Maybe.

Look, after 2017 and then last year, I’ve promised myself I’m not going to be over the moon about the Falcons over the summer. But I did not promise myself I’d be a miserable crabby bastard unless they clearly screwed up, and thus I find myself hopeful and even a little optimistic. Just not outlandishly so.

The Falcons improved their roster, hired at least unobjectionable (and in some cases, like DQ for defensive coordinator, promising) coaches, and should be getting all their injured guys back. That guarantees nothing, but this is a good football team, and I’m going to allow myself to think that there’s a good year ahead. —Dave Choate

May as well punish my liver for another season

For those of you who do not drink and watch the Falcons, I really don’t know how you do it. Even when we win, it always takes a toll on my sanity and on the health of my liver. - David Walker


There are plenty of aspects to be optimistic amount. This team is talented enough to win 11 or 12 games and find themselves in Miami for the Super Bowl. Or they could be a team that underwhelms, hovering around .500 and in the midst of significant change in the offseason - Eric Robinson


The 2019 squad is very talented and already has some high expectations. As optimistic as I want to be, I’ve been a Falcons fan long enough to know it likely won’t end the way we all want it to. Just remember, serenity now. - Evan Birchfield

Whatever they do, I’ll still love them

We all know this team has the potential to crush our hopes and dreams at any moment. But they’ve got a ton of talent on both sides of the ball. They should be amazing. And if they blow it yet again, will I love them anyway? Yup. - Jeanna Thomas