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Calvin Johnson visited the final day of Falcons minicamp

Maybe he was looking for Optimus Prime?

On Thursday, former Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson attended the Atlanta Falcons 3rd day of minicamp.

He was seen on the field talking to owner Arthur Blank, head coach Dan Quinn and several players. As Calvin Ridley told ESPN’s Vaughn McClure:

“It was pretty cool. Obviously he’s a Hall of Fame and great player. It was cool to have him in here and hear what he thought about his years playing. He was showing me you have to extend your arms way out so you can have almost like a backboard in case the DBs on you to give you the advantage of catching the ball.”

Before Falcons fans go down the rabbit hole of what this visit means, The Athletic’s Jason Butt reported that Dan Quinn invited Calvin Johnson to speak to the team, not (unfortunately) join them. “Megatron,” as he’s widely known, was born and raised in nearby Newnan, GA and attended Georgia Tech. He has ties to the area, and apparently those ties extend to the Falcons. So don’t expect a signing, at least not anytime soon.