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New Falcons teammates Matt Bosher and Kenjon Barner discuss ‘the hit’


In 2018, the Atlanta Falcons traveled to Charlotte to take on the Carolina Panthers. Two men, Falcons punter Matt Bosher and Panthers running back Kenjon Barner, would see their lives change forever.

After the Falcons tied the game at 10-10, Barner returned a kickoff to about the 34-yard line. The reason he didn’t make it to the 35-yard line was one Matt Bosher.

I would describe the hit, but I couldn’t do it justice, so you can view it below:

Fast forward to March 14, 2019, and the Falcons signed running back Kenjon Barner. But, how? How can these two forces ... co-exist? Well, the Falcons recently sat down with both players to discuss what is commonly labeled by fans as “the hit.”

In all seriousness, you have to respect the humbleness of both players. Everyone who has played football, regardless of at what level, knows you don’t have time to think. Stuff happens, and you’re left with the consequences of your split-second decision, whether that’s a touchdown or being trucked by the opposing teams’ punter.

As you heard Barner say in the video, “It was a lesson learned.” So now that he’s with the Falcons, we will hopefully see him run through other teams’ players instead of getting dropped by punters this upcoming season.