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Falcoholinks: All the Falcons news you need for Thursday, May 30

A couple of free agent additions in today’s Falcoholinks.

Arizona Cardinals v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

Happy Thursday, folks. Get it started with today’s edition of Falcoholinks, below.

Evolution of the defensive tackles

The defensive tackle position is one we thought the Falcons would address early on in the 2019 NFL Draft, but of course they chose to address the other line with the additions of Chris Lindstrom and Kaleb McGary. It’s a positional group over the last decade that, while not as lacking in production as defensive end, still suffered from a combination of injury, free agency departures, and ineffective additions.

Jonathan Babineaux was a stalwart member of the Falcons’ defensive front, and with Grady Jarrett’s emergence in recent years, Atlanta has had a disruptive body on the line for quite some time. Now give us more.

Aging birds

The Falcons recent draft picks have made a palpable impact on the football field, but even with a nucleus of productive young player, the Falcons are still one of the oldest teams in the NFL.

The Falcons have 14 players on the wrong side of 30 on their roster, following behind only the Patriots’ 15. It’s a good mix of promising youth and veteran leadership that fosters an environment of mentorship. At least I’ll choose to view it through that lens instead of, “Wow, these dudes are old.”

Adding to the lines

The offensive line was a primary point of focus for the Falcons this offseason, and that work continued this week with the addition of free agent tackle Dieugot Joseph. Joseph’s signing presents the team with yet another option to protect Matt Ryan, but he will have to win a crowded camp battle to make the final roster.

As a result of the Falcons adding Dieugot Joseph, they also released undrafted free agent Devon Johnson.

Continuing their work in the trenches, the Falcons also brought in free agent defensive end Austin Larkin. Dubbed a “sleeper” in camp with Dallas last season, Larkin will certainly be given a shot to make the roster and fill the role expected to be filled by last year’s “sleeper” Steven Means before his injury.

What’s up with Vic?

In the latest edition of our new mailbag roundtable series, Falcoholic writers address the Vic Beasley Question: Why was he brought back at a $12.8 million price tag, and why was the defensive line not addressed until the fourth round of the draft? It’s one we often ask ourselves around here, so head to the roundtable to see the staff’s responses.