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Tevin Coleman is doing exactly what we thought he would do in San Francisco

Fact: Tevin Coleman once ate Captain Crunch without cutting the roof of his mouth.

Arizona Cardinals v Atlanta Falcons tPhoto by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

Falcons fans didn’t give up on him. And to be fair, the Falcons didn’t have the money to keep him around anyway. But Tevin Coleman’s departure is still going to sting from time to time. Coleman earned a chance to be the featured running back for an NFL team. For what it’s worth, things are working out well for Coleman in San Francisco.

The big question with Jerick McKinnon is whether he will be the same player in his first season back from ACL surgery. It might take him a while. Therefore, Tevin Coleman is most likely to be the back who gets the most touches – both as a runner and a receiver.

Coleman’s talent and versatility should allow him to do some special things with the 49ers. Am I surprised to hear an insider basically hand him the starting gig? Not all all. (To be clear, Matt Maiocco is the 49ers beat writer for NBC Sports, so he certainly knows what he’s talking about.) Thus it would appear Coleman, two and a half months after signing a 2 year, $10 million contract in free agency, has garnered the “starter” designation that eluded him in Atlanta.

So how are we supposed to feel about this? Well, for me, it’s a relief. Coleman was a good player for the Falcons and made the logical choice in free agency. We can Monday Morning Quarterback the front office’s decision to make a long-term commitment to Devonta Freeman all we want, but that won’t change the name on the front of Coleman’s jersey. In short, I’m happy for him, because that’s all I can be at this point.

Your thoughts, Falcoholics?