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Do you have Falcons questions? The Falcoholic has the answers

Submit your questions in the comments, and our staff will answer the five best ones in a roundtable series next week.

NFL: Combine Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

How do we even begin to pass the long hours until the new NFL season finally begins? By talking about the Falcons, of course.

Surely you have questions about the team, and our staff, as you know, is chock full of hot takes. Over the course of the next work week, we’ll be answering one reader question per day about the Falcons in a series of roundtable posts.

All you need to do is submit your questions in the comments below. Are you curious about the ramifications of the offseason moves? How Atlanta’s draft picks fit into the team’s future? Why the Saints always seem to be up against the salary cap and magically worm their way out of it? How Thomas Dimitroff keeps his hair so spiky? Whether or not Matt thinks a certain player is a bust?

We’ll select the five best questions, and we’ll answer one per day, roundtable style. Based on our crew’s group chat, this also may involve hazing each other mercilessly and jokes about how garbage the Saints are. Buckle up.

If your question doesn’t get answered, never fear. We’ll try to get to you next time, so ask away.