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Marcus Green has strained hamstring, sidelined until OTAs

The first injury scare of the spring.

Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images

Spring is in the air. We’ve got two first round rookies lining up on the right side of the offensive line, coaches chattering, and of course your obligatory impending Navy SEAL training. Unfortunately, we’ve also got our first spring injury, but fortunately, it seems relatively minor.

Marcus Green’s hamstring strain figures only to linger until OTAs late in the month, per Dan Quinn’s assessment, which puts the speedy rookie on track to be fine and running fast well before training camp.

That’s good because Green is such an interesting player on this particular Falcons team, late round draft status be darned. He’s an early favorite for at least one of the returner gigs, since he’s chiefly competing with Kenjon Barner for the gigs, and is fast and slippery enough to be a factor as a runner and a receiver in his first season, however infrequently.

Consider this a spot of good news, and hopefully in marked contrast to last year, one of the last times we have any Falcons injury news to share this year.