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Today’s first mini-camp practice was a pivotal moment in Lindstrom, McGary’s development

Fact: Kaleb McGary is an amateur forensic fingerprint examiner

NFL Combine - Day 1 Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

We’ve talked ad nauseum about Chris Lindstrom and Kaleb McGary recently. We’ve tried to show you the silver lining. We’ve asked you to ignore some of the mainstream, knee jerk criticism (and Twitter shenanigans!) the Falcons front office has been fending off since last month’s draft. But until Matt Ryan never gets sacked again, I understand some of you may remain unconvinced. If you fall into this category, go ahead and close out your browser, shut off your computer, and take a relaxing walk. If you’re excited about Lindstrom and McGary’s future with the Falcons, then read on, my friend.

The Mothership’s Will McFadden’s piece summarizing the first day of mini-camp is a must-read. It includes this gem:

Right from the jump, first-round picks Chris Lindstrom and Kaleb McGary were working next to one another at right guard and right tackle, respectively. The two worked with the first-team offensive line throughout the afternoon, and they worked in tandem on double-team drills.

This isn’t a surprising turn of events, but it’s worth highlighting.

Close your eyes and imagine a future where Lindstrom and McGary cement the right side of the offensive line for most of the next decade. And now cut to a montage: Lindstrom and McGary struggling to stretch “Super Bowl Champion” t-shirts over their massive frames before hoisting The Lombardi. Fade to black. Lindstrom and McGary standing behind Ryan as he delivers his tearful retirement speech. Fade to black. Lindstrom and McGary helping Ryan’s baby-faced successor to his feet after he takes his first big hit in a professional football game. Fade to black.

If you’re still reading, then you’re probably a little perplexed. “What’s your point, James? Get to it.” My point is that this story could have a very happy ending. And today’s first mini-camp practice would be a pivotal moment in that story. It’s the moment we saw this front office’s plan set in motion. Lindstrom and McGary are a pair, and the Falcons surely hope to keep it that way.