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It is officially lying season ahead of the NFL draft

Every year NFL teams, player agents, and everyone in between are leaking bad information to media.

2018 NFL Draft Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

Every rumor, report, or news tidbit we pass along in the next few days will likely be prefaced with some qualifier along the lines of, “this may be true but also everyone is lying right now.” Every season social media gets flooded with inaccurate information, even from typically qualified members of the media.

It is lying season.

Players are shooting up and down draft boards, per sources. I’m hearing team X is a dark horse for player Y. Someone familiar with the team’s thinking believes they are gearing up for a blockbuster move. Trade action for this pick is heating up, per multiple sources.

Every year we spend these last few days weathering so many different rumors that it is a good time to remember it is lying season.

Pro Football Talk reported the rumor that star cornerback Patrick Peterson looks to be on the way out with the Arizona Cardinals. Then a few minutes later... not.

Why? Teams are all done with evaluations so there’s not much work left to do. Teams, media, and agents head to the draft and start talking.

Obviously, it makes sense for your Falcons to either create a rumor conflicting with everything they’ve done this offseason, or to get ahead of any legitimate rumor that slips out.

Will the Falcons trade up? I bet if we see them in the mix to trade up, we see another rumor of them planning to stay put or trade down. Are they locked in on one player? Another rumor will say the team has him off their draft board.

It’s lying season. So don’t put too much stock into what you see in the next few days.