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Is Deion Jones the best Falcons 2nd rounder ever?

Debo won our poll, but do our writers agree?

New Orleans Saints v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

We’ve gotten through another round of votes to determine who is the are the best Atlanta Falcons’ draft picks from each respective round.

Matt Ryan won our first poll, and Deion Jones wins our second by a wide margin.

The young linebacker has already made a sizable imprint on the NFL and will only continue to get better as his career advances.

But it’s a very fair conversation to have as to who actually takes the cake, considering the fact that guys like Jonathan Babineaux, Alge Crumpler, Chuck Smith, Scott Case and Buddy Curry are also potential picks.

We’ve polled our roundtable of writers here at The Falcoholic to see where they fall on this subject.

Too early to tell

For me, Deion Jones is likely who the consensus will view a decade from now, as the best 2nd round pick in Atlanta Falcons history. But currently, in terms of what they did for the franchise, I’d go Alge Crumpler. With the exception of Pro Football Hall of Famer Tony Gonzalez, is the best tight end in Atlanta Falcons history. Alge is 8th in receiving yards, 6th in receiving touchdowns, and 7th in receptions in franchise history. Although, Brett Favre is REALLY the best second round selection in Atlanta Falcons history. — Evan Birchfield

Come on, it’s Babs

When people accuse sports fans of being unable or unwilling to appreciate the days of yore, they’re referring to situations like this one. And it’s not like the days we’re talking about here are particularly yore-y.

I mean no offense, because Deion Jones is a legitimately great player and will, if all goes well, go down as one of the best players in franchise history. But we have three seasons of Debo at this point, and not even three full ones, and we’re already crowning him as the greatest second round pick ever. That seems early.

Jonathan Babineaux, meanwhile, played in 185 games for the Falcons (fifth-most in team history), put up 27 sacks (10th-most in team history), 292 tackles (12th-most in team history), 91 tackles for loss (the most in team history, since they haven’t been counting that stat all that long), 66 quarterback hits (second-most in team history), 24 pass deflections (14th-most in team history), 10 forced fumbles (10th-most in team history), and 10 fumble recoveries (15th-most in team history). He’s one of the best defenders ever to suit up for the Falcons, he has a legitimate case as their best defensive tackle ever, and he just retired like three years ago. Deion Jones may very well surpass him down the line, but Babineaux’s the best at the moment, and it shouldn’t be a particularly vigorous debate. — Dave Choate

It’s tough!

The Atlanta Falcons hit the jackpot when they drafted Deion Jones, a formidable presence at linebacker the team hasn’t had in eons. He’s great in coverage and is growing in his run play. He’s one of the league’s premiere talents at his spot, and he’ll only get better as time goes on. But can we put him above a guy like Crumpler, or Jonathan Babineaux, who anchored the Falcons’ defensive line for the better part of a decade? Not sure! Jones will be a franchise great (as long as they re-sign him, heh heh), so I’m tempted to go with our esteemed readers and crown him the best. But there’s a conversation to be had here that makes it a tough call, no matter who you vote for. - Cory Woodroof

For now it’s Babs, but Deion is coming for that crown

Dave is going hard in the paint for Jonathan Babineaux and for good reason — he’s completely right that Babs is the team’s best second rounder ever through both his reasoning and research. That won’t remain the case for long, however. Deion Jones is gunning for that title of Atlanta’s best second rounder ever with the way he’s began his career, with that inexperience being the only thing keeping him from it at this moment. Ask me this same question two or three years from now (and hey, we may dig this back up by then) and I’ll tell you that the answer is Deion Jones. - Adnan Ikic