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Matty Ice drops latest mixtape ‘Ice Storm’

The quarterback and rap star continues to stretch his flow in his latest mixtape.

Predominately known for being one of the most talented lyricists in the rap game, Matty Ice (real name Matt Ryan) pulls double duty as quarterback for Atlanta’s pro football team the Falcons. Fresh off his album The Ice Age and its acclaimed five mics in The Source, Ice follows up with Ice Storm, a 47 track mixtape (19 skits) almost assured to set the city on fire.

But Ice doesn’t think he’s bringing the heat, according to his interview with Hot 107.9’s DJ Drama on Gangsta Grillz Radio.

Ice: The heat and humidity in Atlanta is rising right now. The streets were calling for a little... ice. I killed ‘em last year with The Ice Age, and now Ice Storm is going to shut down the city, ya heard.

DJ Drama: Oh yeah, because Atlanta doesn’t have the infrastructure to competently deal with winter weather, I got it.

Ice will headline an international tour with concerts in London, Paris, Tokyo, Sydney, and Panama City Beach before heading back to Atlanta to practice for his part-time quarterbacking job.

Ice: Don’t worry Falcons fans, I’m dropping only the tightest rhymes all offseason. I’ll hop right off the PJ just in time for training camp in... when does that start? October? It was pretty hot outside last time.

DJ Drama: You should probably check with your agent as that seems important to know.

Ice: Not as important as this freestyle. Take a look at the hive, Matty’s the greatest alive. Haters missin’ in action like snow plows on 85.

The mixtape track list includes sure bangers like Cut the Field in Half (Endzone Anthem), 4th and Run (Scramble Season), Everything Freezes, Flipping flipping flipping (Deep to Julio) ft. The Migeese, The Ice Man Cometh, Go Sark Yourself, and F*ck Jetsweeps.

Ice has stepped up his lyrical game, showing inspiration from KRS One, prime Biggie, and even Flava Flav. On the track OT Pick (No Saints in Atlanta), he spits: Deep passes and beat asses, champagne in cheap glasses. Matt’s last contract brought green like weed grasses. Speed savage; I scramble and you meet Jesus. Matty Ice, 6-4, tall as two Drew Breeses.

Ice’s rap career created problems early in his pro football career, where he famously freestyled at the end of an audible: “Blue 32, blue 32. My flow as tight as glue. Ice is cooler than cool.” Ice was benched the remainder of the game after immediately taking a sack.

Ice takes shots at countless players and even coaches: I’m bringin’ the hammer man, ya’ll better understand. I’m lockin’ down the game, I’m the anti-Shanahan. Ice is no stranger to both rap beefs and football beefs, but it doesn’t look like the heat will melt him down anytime soon.