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Worst Falcons free agents: Tyrone Williams

Fact: Tyrone Williams is an amateur mango juggler

Tyrone Williams eyes the offense Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

The Falcons love to disappoint. One way or another, perennial disappointment is part and parcel of Falcons fanhood. It’s an art form, really. Because year after year, they devise new, creative ways to let us down. Bad personnel decisions are something they’ve historically done particularly well. Need an example? Then look no further than cornerback Tyrone Williams.

Williams signed with the Falcons before the 2003 season as a 29 year old unrestricted free agent. His contract was a lucrative four-year deal worth $10.3 million; he received a $3 million signing bonus. I was busy mourning John Ritter’s death and belting out “Hey Ya!” lyrics in my fraternity basement in 2003, but even I know that was a lot of money at the time.

Williams reportedlyy showed up for training camp on the portly side and quickly found himself on Dan Reeves’ bad side. Reeves actually suspended him in week five due to “conduct detrimental to the team.” (He apparently screamed at one of the defensive coaches.) His attitude was completely toxic, and he’d ultimately spend the second half of the season on the bench. In exchange for their costly investment, the Falcons got all of 20 combined tackles, 2 defended passes, and zero interceptions.

The Falcons released Williams after one season and he went on the sign with the Cowboys. He’d spend one more season in the NFL before retiring. Williams founded a company that specializes in helping NFL players not repeat the mistakes he made as a player, so I suppose that counts for something.

Where does Williams rank among the Falcons’ worst free agent signings, Falcoholics?