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Mercedes-Benz Stadium dropping concession prices, banning cash in 2019

Fact: Arthur Blank’s mustache hairs trim themselves

Arizona Cardinals v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

The Falcons get to play their home games at one of the nicest, most technologically up-to-date stadiums in the world. But notwithstanding all the glitz and glamor Mercedes-Benz Stadium exudes, it hasn’t been immune from its fair share of controversy. In an effort to make the $1.6 billion venue appeal to the huddled masses, the AMB Group rolled out atypically low concession prices last year. We’ve talked about those trendsetting concession prices here ad nauseum already, but stick with me, because apparently the AMB Group isn’t finished.

In short, if you’ve plan to attend any Atlanta United games in the near future or Falcons games this fall, expect some significant changes. Mercedes-Benz stadium is converting to a cashless model and dropping their already ridiculously affordable concession prices even lower. These are some bold changes and no other NFL stadium has approached concessions this way.

As for the concession prices, who can’t get on board with cheap food getting cheaper? It won’t make the personal seat licenses and ticket prices any easier on your pocketbook, but those are what they are. The cashless model is a bit more tricky. To be fair, it comes down to personal preference, and it doesn’t rub me the wrong way. But I certainly understand why some people don’t transact that way.

How do these changes strike you, Falcoholics?