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Julio Jones leads all receivers in conversions over the past 5 seasons

The stat measures first downs plus touchdowns scored.

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at Tampa Bay Buccaneers Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

There’s been much heated debate over Julio Jones’ lack of touchdown scoring over the past two seasons (a debate which has thankfully subsided for the most part after his high-scoring second half of the 2018 season), but there’s more to the wide receiver position than just getting into the end zone.

Julio Jones has long been the best WR in the NFL. Over the past five seasons, specifically, Jones has dominated the position.

Pro Football Focus recently brought an interesting statistic to our attention, which highlights that dominance — Julio leads all receivers in the league in receiving conversions (first downs plus touchdowns) since 2014.


Jones is joined by the usual suspects at the top of the list — Antonio Brown and Deandre Hopkins. These are the three premier WRs in the game today and the ones who have controlled the position for the past five years.

Jones also leads the league in total receiving yards since 2014 (7,994), with Antonio Brown second (7,646) and DeAndre Hopkins third (6,635).

The Alabama alum finished the 2018 season tallying the most receiving yards in the NFL with 1,677. He hasn’t had less than 1,400 receiving yards in a single season since 2013 (a year which was cut short for him due to a foot injury). Julio also led all WRs in third-down conversions in 2018:

It’s still pretty funny when people try to argue against Jones’ dominance and credentials by citing the three TDs he had in 2017. Julio’s proven to be the best wide receiver both on the field and off the field, and we’re thankful to have him in a Falcons uniform.