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The Falcons may use Luke Stocker at fullback in 2019

Fact: Luke Stocker puts his right foot in, he puts his right foot out, he puts his right foot in, but he won’t shake it all about

Indianapolis Colts v Tennessee Titans Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

The Falcons brought veteran tight end Luke Stocker on board late last week. And while Stocker’s two-year, $4 million deal may not move the needle for a lot of Falcons fans, the front office and coaching staff are thrilled about the addition of the tight end/fullback/football player extraordinaire.

So how exactly do the Falcons play to use Stocker? According to D. Orlando Ledbetter, Dimitroff envisions a hybrid role for Stocker. (Credit to DOL for the quotes.)

“He’s another guy that’s going to add to our run game like the two guards,” Dimitroff said. “That’s an important thing for us. He also has the ability to line up at fullback as well.” The Falcons did a double background check on Stocker. “He worked with (Falcons tight end coach) Mike Mularkey before,” Dimitroff said. “(Falcons wide receivers coach) Raheem (Morris) drafted him at Tampa. We have a real good knowledge of Stocker.”

Stocker is not a small man. He’s 6’5 and weighs somewhere between 250-260 pounds. He is joining a team with five tight ends already on the roster, but don’t fool yourself, Stocker will have a role with this team. The Falcons ranked 27th in team rushing last season; they are not looking for a repeat performance in 2019. (To be fair, they ranked 13th in yards/attempt, so some of that is attributable to poor play calling.) Stocker isn’t being paid like a scrub who will ride the bench behind Austin Hooper and Logan Paulsen. He’s likely to play a prominent role, both as a blocking tight end and at fullback. Basically he’s a blocking specialist, and the Falcons plan to lean on him as they look to revitalize their rushing attack.

Your thoughts about the role Stocker could play in 2019, Falcoholics?