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Brooks Reed becomes 2nd Falcons free agent to sign with Cardinals

The Arizona Falcons?

San Francisco 49ers v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

The Arizona Cardinals have apparently been keeping close tabs on the Atlanta Falcons this past week, and apparently they’ve been pretty excited about the cuts the Birds have been making.

The Cardinals have reportedly come to terms with Brooks Reed, who was the final of Atlanta’s first wave of cuts this week. This comes just two days after it was reported that Arizona was signing Robert Alford to a three year, $22.5 million contract.

Reed will be signing on with Arizona for $2 million this season, which seems like good value for someone who at the very least is an above average run defender, even if the sacks were never really there for the Falcons (7.0 sacks in four seasons).

Reed is an Arizona native, who was born in Tucson and went to the University of Arizona before being drafted into the NFL. I’m just speculating here, but he might’ve taken a hometown discount to sign with the Cardinals. All in all, it’s always a nice story when someone gets to go home and play for his childhood city.

Cardinals reporter Darren Urban expects Reed to slot in as a linebacker for Arizona — the position he played for the first five years of his career before Dan Quinn moved him to defensive end.