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Crossfire: Should the Falcons keep Bruce Irvin or Brian Poole?


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Arizona Cardinals v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Eric Robinson seeks to defend his crown against none other than Jeanna Thomas in our 2019 NFL free agency focused edition of the Crossfire podcast. The debate covers 6 topics. As always, you get to vote on who won the podcast, which will determine who returns for the next episode.

The topics covered:

  1. Will the Falcons sign a free agent pass rusher in the first week of 2019 free agency?
  2. Will the Falcons sign an offensive lineman in the first week of 2019 free agency?
  3. Will the New Orleans Saints keep Drew Brees (and his 33.5M cap hit) around for the 2019 season?
  4. Which Falcons free agent would you bring back: Bruce Irvin or Brian Poole?
  5. Which Falcons free agent wide receiver would you rather keep: Marvin Hall or Justin Hardy?
  6. Who is more likely to be cut this year: Matt Bosher or Mohamed Sanu?

Take a listen to the podcast and vote in our poll below for who you believe won this edition of crossfire.

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Who won the Feb 8 2019 Crossfire podcast?

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  • 46%
    Jeanna Thomas
    (114 votes)
  • 53%
    Eric Robinson
    (130 votes)
244 votes total Vote Now