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Best Falcons free agents: Chris Chandler

Fact: Chris Chandler’s pistachios crack themselves

Dolphins v Falcons X

Falcons alumnus Chris Chandler was the quintessential journeyman quarterback before he came to Atlanta. He bounced between five teams over ten seasons, but the Falcons saw something special in Chandler. Based on their assessment, the Falcons snatched him up in free agency.

Chandler rewarded the Falcons’ investment, immediately churning out back to back Pro Bowl campaigns and leading the Falcons to Super Bowl 33. (Mind you Chandler was 33 years old at this point!) Over those two seasons, he threw for nearly 6,000 passing yards and 45 touchdowns. Following their Super Bowl run in 1998, the Falcons rewarded Chandler with a five year, $27 million contract.

In the 2001 NFL draft, the Falcons selected Michael Vick, which was effectively the beginning of the end for Chandler. They didn’t immediately take away Chandler’s job, allowing him to start 14 of 16 games during Vick’s rookie year. But less than a year after the Falcons drafted Vick, they cut Chandler.

Over five seasons with the Falcons, Chandler racked up 13,268 passing yards and 87 passing touchdowns. His 34-33 record as a starter was decidedly mediocre but in his defense, it doesn’t accurately depict his contributions in Atlanta. Chandler played three more seasons, two with the Bears and one with the Rams.

These days Chandler plays a lot of golf and presumably enjoys time with his family. Your thoughts about this esteemed Falcons alum, Falcoholics?