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ESPN analyst ranks Falcons as third most talented team heading into free agency

That’s without Grady Jarrett.

NFL: Super Bowl LIII-Host Committee Handoff Ceremony Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

After the disappointing 2018 season it is easy to forget the Falcons were a supremely talented team. The team was widely expected to make another playoff run before coaching and injuries got in the way.

ESPN analyst graded out each team’s players under contract for 2019 (meaning no Grady Jarrett) and Atlanta tied for third. The list breaks down each position group and finds little weakness on the roster.

My first thought? Jake Matthews and Alex Mack do a lot of heavy lifting in that offensive line rating. Atlanta’s interior grade would obviously go up after the Falcons extend or franchise Jarrett.

We know the Falcons desperately need help along both the offensive and defensive line. However, this is great perspective that the Falcons have less work to do than most teams in the NFL.

The rankings are interesting as all the top teams, minus the Falcons and Packers which underwent some coaching changes, are playoff teams. A few good moves this offseason and the Falcons should be back in the playoffs again, thanks to this surprisingly talented team.