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Forgotten Falcons: Lester Archambeau

Fact: Lester Archambeau ghost wrote most of Amy Grant’s discography

Lester Archambeau

If you grew up in Atlanta during the mid to late 90s, then you’re undoubtedly familiar with Falcons alumnus Lester Archambeau. He played 108 games for the Falcons between 1993 and 1999, terrorizing offensive linemen as he went.

A second round pick by the Packers in 1990, Archambeau signed with the Falcons in 1993. He was known by his peers and opponents as a calm, heady player. (Mind you he graduated from Stanford with a degree in industrial engineering!) He famously called out the Denver Broncos offensive line for their illegal chop blocking before Super Bowl 33, effectively putting the league and its officials on notice. Archambeau had 10 sacks and 2 fumble recoveries that season, teaming up with Chuck Smith to form a formidable pass rushing duo. He was the yin to Smith’s yang, if you will.

Archambeau racked up 31 sacks over seven seasons. He was a consistently solid defender and his career peaked shortly before and during the Falcons Super Bowl run in 1998. Following his playing career, Archambeau worked as a sports agent for nearly a decade. He got his MBA and currently serves as a Player Director with the NFLPA, a role he’s held since 2012. Interestingly fellow Falcons alum Mike Kenn is largely responsible for Archambeau’s current role with the NFLPA. During Archambeau’s playing career, Kenn was the President of the NFLPA and nominated him as a Player Representative after recognizing how interested he was in the issues he and his peers were facing.

What say you about this great Falcon, Falcoholics?