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Are the Atlanta Falcons the NFL’s least needy team?

Fact: Vic Beasley’s eyebrows trim themselves

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Atlanta Falcons Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

With nearly $27 million in cap space (not including rookie contracts!) to work with, the Falcons will have some added flexibility this offseason to fill the gaping holes in their roster. Given that franchise quarterback Matt Ryan isn’t getting any younger and that head coach Dan Quinn’s seat isn’t getting any cooler, the Falcons are undoubtedly in “win now” mode. So what’s it going to take to win ... now?

Andy Benoit recently wrote a piece for Sports Illustrated ranking the NFL’s “neediest teams.” In a shocking turn of events that arguably falls into the jinx category, the Falcons rank 32nd on that list. In other words, they are the NFL’s least needy team. Benoit only sees one problem area: pass rush. And here’s what he had to say:

You can‘t have too many pass rushers, even if you drafted one in the first round in 2015 (Vic Beasley, left) and another in ‘17 (Tak McKinley), and are also likely to re-sign Grady Jarrett, an excellent gap shooter inside. But these three, though gifted individually, are collectively inconsistent. Dan Quinn’s simple but detailed 4–3 scheme only works if the four-man rush is getting to the QB.

While I love watching this team receive praise from the national media as much as the next downtrodden Falcons fan, I can’t wrap my mind around this ranking. Remember when Quinn basically wrote off every offensive lineman not named Matt and Alex? I sure do. Remember when our franchise running back missed most of last season? (And remember that his backup is about to bolt in free agency?) Yep, me too.

In short, this ranking conveys a nice sentiment, but I have my doubts. Your thoughts?