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Falcons hire former Chiefs DC Bob Sutton as senior assistant, game-management coach

Dan Quinn might be his own defensive coordinator but he brought in another coach with coordinator experience.

Kansas City Chiefs v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The Falcons’ defensive staff is going to look a lot different from last season. The biggest change, obviously, is Quinn himself replacing Marquand Manuel. Now there’s one new face “to help” the defense: long-time Chiefs defensive coordinator Bob Sutton.

Sutton, obviously just fired by the Chiefs, ends his time with the team on a negative. He had a few very good seasons with the Chiefs but struggled with adjustments in the last few seasons. As you guessed, yes, he previously worked with Dan Quinn with the Jets, just like new special teams coordinator Ben Kotwica.

The Falcons plan for Sutton to be the team’s game-management coach.

Sutton, a former head coach at Army, is expected to help with in-game strategy, clock management, time-out usage and replay review for the Falcons. With coach Dan Quinn assuming the defensive coordinator role for the Falcons, he has sought to hire someone who can handle some of the in-game and clock management responsibilities.

“Calling the defense, spending the extra time to get that right, and making sure our style and identity come across in the right way are exciting challenges,” Quinn said, via the team’s media relations staff. “Adding someone with Bob’s knowledge and experience to assist with clock and game-management strategies will help us be the best version of the Falcons that we can be in 2019.”

Per the mothership, this is the same role given to Kyle Flood who then immediately left to coach at Alabama. Sutton has a long career in the pros so should have a good grasp on these duties.