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Giants - Eagles Week 14 Monday Night Football open thread

The inept NFC East battles continue.

New York Giants v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Monday Night Football brings us yet more NFC East football. Whyyyyyy?

The two competitors in this one are both under .500, but one of them absurdly has a real shot at the division crown, given how crummy the East is this year. The Eagles have been mediocre-to-bad this year, mirroring the Falcons season pretty neatly by entering the season with Super Bowl aspirations and cratering hard. They still have a roster studded with legitimate talent and have a chance to get in and play spoiler in the postseason if all goes well, and the Giants seem like the kind of matchup you’d want if you’re really looking for a win.

For the Giants, it’s a chance to play spoiler for a hated rival, even if it would likely move them down in the draft order. This season hasn’t gone the way it was supposed to for New York, which had aspirations of at least competing with Daniel Jones under center, but the team is just too riddled with holes. With Eli Manning at the helm, perhaps they’ll have a weird throwback game and win, but I wouldn’t count on it.

Enjoy the game here and use this as your open thread.