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Olamide Zaccheaus 93 yard touchdown was the 3rd-longest grab in Falcons history

It was a hell of a touchdown for the rookie, and also his first NFL grab.

NFL: OCT 13 Falcons at Cardinals Photo by Kevin Abele/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Olamide Zaccheaus did more than just make a nice catch, shake a quality cornerback, and run a mile for a 93 yard touchdown against the Panthers. He also made a little bit of Falcons history.

Zaccheaus hadn’t gotten much run on offense this year, not with the team’s gaggle of quality receivers, but he figured to get an opportunity eventually after the Falcons made a point of keeping him all year. It came in the third quarter, with the Falcons pinned deep in their own territory, and involved a nice Matt Ryan pass and Zaccheaus doing excellent work against a very good cornerback en route to the score.

What’s even more impressive is that Zaccheaus managed the third-longest grab in team history. Only Michael Haynes, who had a 98 yarder, and Jamal Anderson, who rumbled for a 94 yarder, have catches that have gone for more yardage than Zaccheaus managed this afternoon.

That’s one hell of a way to make your first catch, and we’ll hope that Zaccheaus gets to hang around in 2020 and make more big plays like that. His ability to do so is not going to be in question after that one.