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Falcons players to highlight worthy causes with My Cause My Cleats in Week 14

Players get to play for the charity of their choice this week

During Week 14, players across the NFL will be participating in the NFL’s “My Cause My Cleats” campaign. As part of the collaboration between the NFL and players, players will represent charitable organizations that focus on causes from youth wellness to sex trafficking prevention.

Several Atlanta Falcons players will be participating again this year.

QB Matt Ryan - March of Dimes/Northside Hospital

“I want other families going through this to know they’re not alone. We’re also sharing our story to create awareness for finding ways to help babies who are born prematurely and providing our doctors with every opportunity to give these kids the best chance. This is just one small piece of what we plan to do to try and help Northside and the March of Dimes,” Ryan said.

CB Jordan Miller - Atlanta Humane Society

“I picked the Humane Society because I have a dog named Nipsey and she’s the best thing in the whole world. I got her through the Humane Society. If I could find my dog like that, I feel like there are plenty of other dogs that are there too,” Miller said of his cause.

S Chris Cooper - Autism Speaks

“I picked this cause because my little cousin was born with autism. I also have a friend named Shaq, whose cousin has autism too. I just thought about them and wanted to show them some love,” Cooper said.

RT Kaleb McGary - Ocean Conservancy

“Conservation in general is important. Marine life is dope. I grew up in Washington and we went to the coast often. I wanted to highlight killer whales on my cleats because I think they’re cool. They’re really smart and they’re pack predators,” McGary said.

LB Deion Jones - Louisiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence

“I just want to bring awareness to taking care of our Queens, our women and our kids. I think the home should be a safe haven and I definitely want to bring attention to that. This year, I decided to do something against domestic violence. I picked Louisiana to give a little tribute to back home. I feel that men are supposed to take care of the household. The home should be a safe haven, so I am just trying to bring more awareness to bring that back into homes,” Jones said.

My Cause My Cleats is a tremendous campaign which allows players the platform to honor charities which are near and dear to their hearts. If you’d like to view more Falcons players My Cause My Cleats selections for this year, click here.