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Dan Quinn considered one of the favorites to take over for Ron Rivera as Panthers head coach in 2020

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Fact: Dan Quinn doesn’t own a dictionary

NFL: Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Atlanta Falcons Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Falcons head coach Dan Quinn is a controversial figure these days. He’s the quintessential players coach, but “Brotherhood,” “All Gas, No Breaks,” and any other cheesy slogan you can dream up don’t mean much when the win column isn’t getting any love.

That may seem harsh, but this is the NFL, folks. It’s a results-oriented business where head coaches get fired every year. And those head coaches, generally speaking, don’t disappear into obscurity. They find new jobs, sometimes as a head coach, or sometimes as an assistant.

The Panthers made the decision last week to part ways with two-time coach of the year Ron Rivera. They haven’t replaced him yet, which begs an important question: who will be on Panthers owner David Tepper’s short list when he looks to fill the vacancy?

BetOnline released odds (because why not?) and Jim Harbaugh leads the list at 3 to 1. Interestingly Quinn is not far behind at 6 to 1. Here’s the complete list:

Jim Harbaugh 3/1

Jason Garrett 5/1

Josh McDaniels 11/2

Dan Quinn 6/1

Urban Meyer 6/1

Greg Roman 12/1

Mike LaFleur 12/1

Jay Gruden 14/1

Doug Marrone 16/1

Pat Shurmur 18/1

Doug Pederson 20/1

Bill Cowher 100/1

The fact that Quinn is still employed by the Falcons but makes an appearance near the top of this list should elicit a chuckle or two, unless you have no pulse and/or no sense of humor. Like Quinn or not, he took a team to a Super Bowl, has a winning playoff record, and won a Super Bowl as a defensive coordinator. Assuming Arthur Blank does what everyone expects him to and fires Quinn at the end of the season, he won’t stay jobless long. Somebody is going to want him. And maybe it’s the Panthers.