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The Falcoholic staff picks for Panthers vs. Falcons and the rest of Week 14’s NFL games

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The staff weighs in on the upcoming games.

John Byrum/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Greetings, Falcoholics! December is now upon us and our beloved Atlanta Falcons are 3-9, following a loss on Thanksgiving last week to the New Orleans Saints.

Heading into Week 14, our staff pick standings remain very close. Kevin still stands above the rest, with a 123-68-1 record. Close behind in second is DW with an impressive 122-69-1 record. The rest of us aren’t too far back, as the season nears the end.

So, let’s turn our sights to this week’s picks. The staff has unanimously decided that the Minnesota Vikings, Houston Texans and Cleveland Browns will all be victorious this week. We do have some lone-picks this week as Cory has the Chicago Bears winning, Dave has the Buffalo Bills winning, James has the Green Bay Packers losing, and I have the Los Angeles Rams turning things around for a victory.

Carter, DW and Jeanna have no faith in the Falcons this weekend (not that I can blame them) — while the rest of us remain slightly optimistic that they’ll add another divisional win.

Weigh in with your picks below!