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‘Thursday Night Football’ Week 14 Cowboys vs. Bears open thread

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Buffalo Bills v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images

Are you ready for some football? Well, I sure hope so, because Cowboys vs. Bears is about to kick off on Thursday Night Football.

The Cowboys are sitting atop the NFC East with a record of 6-6. After the Eagles somehow lost to the Dolphins on Sunday, it’s hard to imagine a world where the Cowboys don’t manage to win that division. Still, fans aren’t terribly confident. At 7 percent, their confidence in the direction of the Cowboys is just three points better than Falcons fans’ this week.

The Bears are also at .500, but the NFC North is a much different division. Chicago hasn’t been eliminated from playoff contention yet, but they are currently staring up at the 8-4 Vikings and the 9-3 Packers. Right now, they’re two spots out of a wild card bid, right behind the 7-5 Rams. Compared to the Cowboys, though (and the Falcons), Bears fans are absolutely overflowing with confidence at 22 percent.

What does all of this mean for your Atlanta Falcons? Not a damn thing. The Falcons have been mathematically eliminated from playoff contention, so we can just enjoy this one without worrying about how it will impact the Falcons.

If you want more in-depth information on the Cowboys, visit For the Bears, visit Enjoy the game, and discuss it in the comments.