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Falcons fan confidence is chilling in the cellar like a fine wine

You won’t fool Falcons fans again this year, I’m afraid.

NFL: Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Atlanta Falcons Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Fool a Falcons fan once, shame on you. Fool a Falcons fan twice...well, shame on us. We’ve been ashamed a lot.

Atlanta’s not going to fool any of us the rest of the way, however. Their brilliant two game winning streak gave way to an ugly two game losing streak, and no amount of stellar passing or improved defense in the final four games is going to make fans less concerned about this team heading into the offseason. There are just so many problems to address, some of which are familiar and some of which are new, that confidence is very hard to come by.

As you can see below, fans are not feeling great!

FanPulse Atlanta Falcons Week 14 2019

What would make those who root for this team week-in and week-out feel better, you ask? Probably better running back, receiver, and offensive line play, plus major additions and upgrades to the defensive line, linebacker group, and secondary. Oh, and a new coaching staff. And a new front office. And cap space. You know, lots of little things.

We’ll keep tracking this, but I wouldn’t expect any sudden spikes or remarkable rallies until deep into next summer, if the Falcons do a stellar job. The hope that’s surrounded this team since the Super Bowl season has all but evaporated, and the Falcons don’t have anyone to blame for that but themselves.