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Ty Sambrailo, confirmed big man, finds the end zone in the first quarter

Touchdown Ty, as he is best known.

Atlanta Falcons v Miami Dolphins Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Revenge is a dish best served by a giant man scoring a touchdown. That’s what Dirk Koetter must think, anyway, as he pulled out a playbook dagger against his former team and dialed up a designed pass-and-catch to offensive lineman Ty Sambrailo.

Yes, 6-foot-5, 311 pound Ty Sambrailo.

Sambrailo reported as an eligible receiver on the Falcons first drive, simply rumbled through the line and corralled Matt Ryan’s pass for the 35-yard touchdown. There was not a defender within his area code.

It was as beautiful as it was comical.

It was also historic, as Sambrailo became the heaviest player to ever score a touchdown that long.

The Falcons seem to have a penchant for breaking out the weirder pages of their playbook against the Buccaneers. In last year’s game (also the final game of the season) Matt Ryan recorded his first receiving touchdown courtesy of a Philly Special.

This year, they let the big man build his scoring resume. Prior to this game, Sambrailo had only been targeted once in his NFL career — that ill-fated end zone attempt from Matt Ryan against the Saints in 2017. That was an oddball call. This was one, too — but in a good way.

Christmas may have come and gone, but it has also come early in the form of a Big Man Touchdown.