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Poll: Many Falcons fans taking wait-and-see approach to judging Dan Quinn’s return

As always, it’s hardly scientific, but it fits with the fan response.

Jacksonville Jaguars v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images

Dan Quinn’s job status has been the story of the 2019 season, unfortunately. That started after Week 3, grew to a fever pitch around the bye, and settled into a wary sort of curiosity as the Falcons started winning.

I saw the expected, largely heated reaction here and in The Falcoholic’s mentions on Twitter and wondered whether the majority of the fanbase felt that it was a mistake, as I did. So I floated out a poll out there on Twitter and got back over 5,000 responses, and the results definitely surprised me a little bit.

As expected, only a small percentage of Falcons fans were willing to say it was a smart move. That’s not difficult to understand after two straight 7-9 seasons and widespread agreement that the second half of a single season is not necessarily a harbinger of future success. What did surprise me was how many respondents said they’d let things play out instead of straight up calling it a stupid move, with just over a quarter of respondents saying it was dumb and nearly half saying they wanted to see how things went.

In many ways, letting it play out is the only sensible thing to do, given that the team has already made the decision and the Falcons have made us look silly before. That still belies a sort of optimism I thought had largely left fans after the last couple of seasons, and indicates that at least a healthy portion of the fanbase is open to seeing what the offseason brings (and maybe the first few weeks of the season) before they get overly excited or tear the team apart.

I’m not feeling quite so charitable, though I know 100% of Falcons fans would take an unexpected Super Bowl win in 2020 regardless of who is coaching this team. Where do you stand after a couple of days to digest the news?