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Falcons 24, Jaguars 12: Atlanta finally beats an AFC team

The Falcons finally beat an AFC team.

NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars at Atlanta Falcons Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

If Falcons head coach Dan Quinn is going to bet the head coach for Atlanta in 2020, he has to win this game against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Unfortunately, Quinn has an abysmal record against AFC teams since 2017, which does not bode well here. Yet, the Jaguars are a very beatable team. Can Atlanta actually do it? Let’s see how things played out.

First quarter

After the return, the Falcons start from their 18 yard line with an end around to Russell Gage for 4 yards. Matt Ryan then finds Julio Jones over the middle for 9 yards and the first. After a one yard loss on the pass to Devonta Freeman and a neutral zone infraction by the Jags, Ryan connects with Freeman for 16 yards and another first down. After another encroachment penalty, Ryan finds Austin Hooper for a big 25 yard gain and the first. The Falcons finish the drive with a pitch to Freeman who takes it 17 yards for the easy touchdown.

Falcons 7, Jaguars 0

The Jaguars fumble the kickoff return and Atlanta recovers, giving them a prime opportunity to go up big early. The Falcons offense takes over on the Jags 25 and start with a 13 yard reception to the fullback Keith Smith for the first. After Ryan connects with Gage on 2nd and 10 for 4 yards, on 3rd and 6, Matt Ryan hits Freeman for the touchdown score, his second of the game.

Falcons 14, Jaguars 0

After the touchback, the Jaguars offense starts with a nice run by Leonard Fournette for 6. After Gardner Minshew scrambles for the first down and a short pass and run, on 3rd and 4, Deion Jones breaks up the pass intended for Dede Westbrook to force the punt.

The third offensive series for Atlanta starts with a quick pass to Hooper for 6 yards. After a Brian Hill run for 2 yards, Ryan connects with Julio downfield for the big gain and the first down. After an incomplete pass to Jones, Brian Hill takes off for 12 yards and another first down. After a short run by Hill, Ryan finds Julio again for 15 yards and another first down. A 3 yard loss on a run by Freeman is followed by a deflected pass to setup 3rd and 13. On the money down, Ryan is pressured but gets a pass to Freeman that sets up 4th and 1. The Falcons decide to go for it, but Wes Schweitzer is called for a false start. Younghoe Koo comes on for the 42 yard field goal, but misses it.

Falcons 14, Jaguars 0

After a short run for 2 yards by the Jags, Grady Jarrett erupts into the backfield to force an incomplete pass by Minshew. On 3rd and 8, the Falcons secondary holds tight and forces another 3 and out.

Taking over on their own 20, the Falcons offense starts with an incomplete pass to Jones over the middle. Ryan finds Gage for 7 yards to setup 3rd and 3 as the quarter comes to an end.

Falcons 14, Jaguars 0

Second quarter

The drive is kept alive as Ryan connects with Austin Hooper for 5 yards and the first down. On the next play, though, Ryan takes a deep shot to Julio Jones and is intercepted.

The Jags start with a first down run by Leonard Fournette. After a nice run and an incomplete pass, Minshew is nearly picked off by Isaiah Oliver, forcing the Jags to punt yet again. However, Jacksonville decides to fake the punt and they convert the first, keeping their drive alive. After a Fournette run for 3 yards, Fournette picks up 14 yards for another first down. After a jet sweep by Keelan Cole goes for 6 yards and Ryquell Armstead picks up 2 more on the ground, on 3rd and 2 Fournette is tackled for a loss to setup 4th and 3. The Jags punch in the 40-yard field goal for their first points.

Falcons 14, Jaguars 3

The Falcons offense starts with a big gain of 16 yards on the pass from Ryan to Julio. Devonta gets a nice run, but a holding call against Alex Mack brings it back. On 1st and 6, the Falcons go back to Freeman, who picks up 2 yards. Ryan throws it into the ground on a blown up screen and on 3rd and 4, Ryan connects with Russell Gage to keep the drive going. Devonta loses 7 yards on the run. After a nice run by Freeman is set back by a hold on Schweitzer, Ryan finds Gage again for a 17 yard gain, which still sets up 3rd and 9. Ryan looks for Gage again but can’t connect, forcing Atlanta to punt. Ryan Allen pins the Jags on their own 1 yard line on a brilliant punt.

Jacksonville starts with a 5 yard run by Fournette to give them breathing room. After a 3 yard run sets up 3rd and 2, Minshew connects with Westbrook for the first. Vic Beasley blows up the pocket to get his 8th sack of the year. After an incomplete pass on 2nd and 17, Atlanta forces another incomplete pass to setup another punt by the Jags.

The Falcons offense takes over after the 2 minute warning by picking up 7 on the pass to Freeman. Ryan scrambles to pick up the 1st down and finds Austin Hooper for 4 yards. After an incomplete pass to Hooper on 2nd down, on 3rd and 6, Ryan finds Julio for another first down. The first down pass to Hooper picks up 6 and on 2nd and 4, Ryan finds Freeman for 9 yards and the first down. After Ryan finds Jones for 3 yards, on 3rd and 7, Ryan finds Hooper who steps out short of the first. The Falcons decide to take the easy points and punch in the short field goal.

Falcons 17, Jaguars 3

The Jags do nothing with the 10 seconds left to them and we go to halftime.

Falcons 17, Jaguars 3

Third quarter

The Jags offense starts with a pass for 17 yards to D.J. Chark for the first. After a Fournette run for 4, Minshew finds Shark who is stopped for a 1 yard gain after Deion Jones shuts the play down quickly. On 3rd and 5, Grady destroys the pocket and gets the holding call to setup 3rd and 15. Minshew checks down to Fournette who only picks up 6 yards, forcing the Jags to punt.

The Falcons offense starts with a 3 yard run by Freeman, followed by another run for 3 more yards. On 3rd and 4, Freeman makes an amazing catch for 15 yards and the first down. Ryan connects with Julio again for another 25 yards and the first. After an incomplete pass to Luke Stocker and another that Julio can’t hang onto, on 3rd and 10 Hooper can’t hang on and the Falcons have to punt. The Ryan Allen punt is pinned on the Jags 2 yard line.

After a false start, the Jaguars offense starts with a run by Fournette for 2 yards. After an ineffective run on 2nd, on 3rd and 8 Minshew tosses it incomplete after being pressured by De’Vondre Campbell. The Jags are forced to punt. Barner returns it to the 50 to put the offense in great position.

After a neutral zone infraction sets up 1st and 5, Atlanta gets the first with a nice 8 yard run by Brian Hill. The drive ends quickly, though, as Ryan is picked off throwing to Julio.

Gardner Minshew scrambles for the first down but Grady Jarrett decides to even up the odds by sacking the QB on the next play. On 2nd and 17, Fournette picks up 13 on the screen. The Jags keep the drive alive as Fournette runs for the first down on 3rd and 4. After Kendall Sheffield is called for holding and Isaiah Oliver is flagged for defensive pass interference, on 1st and 10 from the Falcons 15 Minshew fires an incomplete pass. After a Fournette run for 3 yards, Minshew scrambles for 4 yards. The Jags opt for the short field goal and punch it in.

Falcons 17 - Jaguars 6

After Barner sets up the Falcons on their 13 yard line, the offense starts with a 32 yard reception to Julio Jones. He’s pretty good, ya’ll. After Russell Gage picks up 3 on the end around, Ryan finds Gage for 8 yards and the first down. A great block by Chris Lindstrom frees up Brian Hill who explodes for 15 yards and another first down. That takes us to the fourth quarter.

Falcons 17, Jaguars 6

Fourth quarter

Brian Hill erupts for a 17 yard gain to setup 1st and goal. Hill runs it to the 3 yard line before Qadree Ollison comes in to punch in the 3 yard run for the touchdown.

Falcons 24 - Jaguars 6

After a quick pass to tight end Seth Devalve sets up 2nd and 1, Fournette gets the easy 1st down on the ground. Minshew finds DeValve again for a 21 yard gain. Minshew then finds Chris Conley deep down the right sideline for the Jags first touchdown of the game. The 2 point conversion is no good.

Falcons 24 - Jaguars 12

After a Freeman run for 3 and a pass for no gain to Freeman, on 3rd and 7, Ryan finds Julio for 17 yards and the first down. After Freeman is tackled for a 1 yard loss, Ryan can’t connect with Hardy. On 3rd and 11, Ryan is sacked to end the drive. The Falcons punt.

Staring on their own 33, Minshew stars with an incomplete pass down the deep left. After Minshew scrambles for 3, on 3rd and 7 Minshew finds DeValve for 18 yards and the first down. Isaiah Oliver breaks up a pass down the deep left on the next play and after Minshew is pressured into an incomplete pass on 2nd, on 3rd and 10 Minshew misfires and sets up 4th and 10. The Jags go for it and Minshew is able to connect with Chris Conley, who converts and keeps the drive alive. After two incomplete passes sets up 3rd and 10, Minshew scrambles for 6 yards, setting up 4th and 4. The Jags go for it and convert again as Minshew connects for the 23 yard gain with Keelan Cole. After two incomplete passes, on 3rd and goal from the 5, John Cominsky and Jack Crawford work together to get the sack. On 4th and goal, Minshew throws incomplete and the Jags turn it over on downs.

With 4:30 left and on their 7, Devonta Freeman erupts for a big gain with a run up the middle, but it’s called back on a holding call. On 1st and 13, Ryan connects with Julio for 15 and the first down. Ryan then connects with Austin Hooper for a big 25 yard gain and another first down. After a false start on Mack sets up 1st and 15, Freeman picks up 5 on the ground up the middle. Ryan flicks it to Devonta who then runs it for 10 yards and the first down. After a Freeman run for 2, he explodes up the middle for a big 14 yard gain and another first down as we head into the 2 minute warning. The Falcons kneel the ball to close out the game and secure the win

Final: Falcons 24, Jaguars 12