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Falcons fans learn nothing, confess to greater confidence after Week 15 win against 49ers

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It’s still under a quarter of fans, but some of you are admirably optimistic.

New Orleans Saints v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images



We’ve been over this and over this. The Falcons are capable of great things, but we’re wrapping up a disappointing 2019 and heading for a 2020 filled with change. Now is not the time to suddenly re-discover your confidence in this football team.

Yet enough of you have have done just that to show up in our weekly graph, as fan confidence rose from 6% (where it was after the Panthers win) to 22% today. That still means over three-quarters of Falcons fans we survey are pretty down on the team’s direction, but I didn’t expect this number to even go that high the rest of the year.

SB Nation FanPulse Week 16

Scolding aside, it’s sort of remarkable how a big win or two can infuse souls with fresh hope. I have seen more arguments in favor of keeping Dan Quinn in the past week than I’ve seen since the Saints victory, or perhaps even the offseason. It’s understandable and human to believe when this team is finally playing well, but it’s going to make the offseason ahead much harder if you’ve talked yourself back into the current incarnation of this team, I fear. Especially if the Jaguars or Bucs zap them in the coming weeks.

That doesn’t mean you’re wrong to feel that way, of course, because we all fan in different ways and Dan Quinn’s fate is not assured. The Falcons could defy the bleak picture of the moment to return to relevance in short order in 2020, and we’d all be delighted to see it happen. Just don’t get too down on this team if they lose one—or both—of the next two games.

I’ll leave you with some food for thought, courtesy of our national FanPulse question of the week. We asked everyone participating in FanPulse if they thought division winners should host playoff games even if they’re 7-9, as the Dallas Cowboys might be soon enough. Surprisingly, a majority said yes, but let’s hear your opinion.