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Falcons - 49ers final score predictions from The Falcoholic staff

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Nobody’s optimistic about the toughest matchup of the year.

NFL: San Francisco 49ers at Atlanta Falcons Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Do we think the Falcons can or will win? Reader, we do not.

49ers 49 - Falcons 20

This year, the Falcons have victories over these teams: Eagles, Saints (haha) and Panthers (2x). The Eagles are nowhere near as good as we thought they’d be, and that game would have had a different outcome if Nelson Agholor didn’t forget how to catch the ball. The Panthers - for whatever reason - are Dan Quinn’s hobby toy. The Saints win was a classic hated-rival win that happens every year in the NFL. Stated plainly, the Falcons are still a bad team and the 49ers are one of the best this year. Maybe Atlanta can take advantage of the piling injuries for San Francisco? That’s a big maybe and one I’m just not going to bet on. Just keep Matt Ryan from getting murdered. That’s really my only hope for this game. - David Walker

49ers 69 - Falcons 13

Nice. We all remember Kyle Shanahan being kind of a vengeful person, like targeting Roddy White on three straight plays against the 2015 Colts when people kept asking why White wasn’t getting the ball. I bet he wants to show everyone he’s the better coach here, not that that seems to be in dispute. The Falcons are poorly coached, down two starters, and traveling across the country against a red hot 49ers team. Shanahan is going to roll up scores on the Falcons. - Matt Chambers

49ers 35 - Falcons 27

I think the Falcons will be able to keep this reasonably close, but that’s really about the most glowing thing I can say. Atlanta’s been outcoached, outplayed, and generally outdone all year by the 49ers, and now that these two teams are going head-to-head, it’s hard to imagine things going anything other way on Sunday. San Francisco being beat up—and they are—isn’t going to be enough in this one. It’s the last game this year I’d say the Falcons have virtually no chance to win. - Dave Choate

49ers 37 - Falcons 27

Go back to their Week 15 meeting in 2016 and both teams were at their polar opposites. The Falcons were the team that was clicking late in the season and ready for a postseason run while the Niners were in the midst of an ugly season that led to changes on the sideline and front office. The Niners will be without key defensive playmakers in this one on the back end and the Falcons may be able to take advantage. The Niners are coming off an thrilling win in New Orleans and have two games this season remaining against the Rams and Seahawks that will dictate home field advantage. So you can see how a young 49ers team can overlook a 4-win Falcons team. This will end two ways: A complete demolition of the Falcons or a closer the expected contest that will come down to the last few minutes of the 4th. - Eric Robinson