Head Coach Favorites

Well this season finally officially ended and the magical playoff run is out the door. We can finally focus on the future of this team, and no other decision will affect this team's future greater than who we hire as head coach for the next era of Falcon football (GM too but that's another list). Here is a list of who I believe we will interview for the job in no particular order.

1. Mike McCarthy - He gets a lot of bad rep for no reason. He is eons better than Quinn. Say what you want but Rodgers didn't win them 125 games for Mike on his own. He can coach and he deserves another shot and his record of success make him the most likely to be our head coach next season and I wouldn't mind that. He proved he can transition from the GOAT QB of his Franchise (Favre to Rodgers) to another QB he drafted and coached which is something he would likely face with Ryan in his tenure.

2. Eric Bieniemy - He looks to be the top coordinator candidate on offense to get a HC job somewhere. Blank will no doubt give him an interview. Im not personally sold on him, but a lot of execs like him, and Reid's coaching tree is highly desired (For no reason). He has a great chance of landing a job here.

3. Josh McDaniels - Blank wants to be the Patriots bad enough to give McDaniels a shot here. No one on BB coaching tree has had success outside of NE the past decade, but McDaniels has the best shot at changing that. I think he is a great coach overall and could lead a team in the right situation. Atlanta seems to be one of those situations with everything lined up on offense for him starting out. If TD stays somehow (I doubt that) I would give McDaniels the highest chance of being hired here with there NE connection.

4. Don Martindale - Everyone will want a piece of the Ravens after this season. Blank has shown an affinity for defensive coaches during the Ryan era so I'm sure one will be interviewed. Martindale has done a masterful job as the Ravens' DC for several seasons and doesn't have a head coach ahead of him stealing any credit for defensive success (Like Dan Quinn with Carroll). He will be a strong candidate if he interviews well.

5. Robert Saleh - Another DC candidate who will interview for HC jobs. The 49ers defense is just that dominant. Im not sold on him but his fiery personality is fun. He comes from the Carroll coaching tree so I personally dont want him here for that reason, but it's likely Blank will do his due diligence and interview the hottest DC in the league this season.

6.Kevin Stefanski - A lot of Falcoholics have Stefanski locked in as there favorite so I had to put him on the list. There is a lot to like about him but I'm personally very skeptical of him. He has only called plays for one season and Kubiak deserves a lot of credit for his success this year. Unless Kubiak comes with him to the ATL I would consider this hire a high chance to bust.

7. Jason Garrett - Call me crazy but I believe Blank would interview him for some reason. Garrett will probably be in more demand than we think and the Giants are already interested according to rumors. I don't want him here as much as any of you do.

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