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NFL Week 13 Sunday schedule and open thread

The Falcons have already lost. What’s left to play?

Carolina Panthers v Washington Redskins Photo by G Fiume/Getty Images

Welcome to a stress-free Sunday! The Falcons already played this week, so all that’s left is a couple of fellow NFC South travelers and a couple of killer games to watch. We hope you enjoy it.

Who’s on the slate for today? Glad you asked.

49ers @ Ravens

Your game of the week, for certain. The 49ers are riding the Kyle Shanahan sorcery machine and offensive line jigsaw to a tremendous record despite a growing list of injuries and Jimmy G’s handsome mediocrity. The Ravens are the league’s most exciting team, with an improving defense and a rushing attack that Dirk Koetter watches at 3 a.m. to feel alive again. It should be easily the best game we see, unless the Ravens expose the 49ers as pretenders.

Titans @ Colts

Jets @ Bengals

Browns @ Steelers

Eagles @ Dolphins

Washington @ Panthers

Washington is sort of getting it together and the Panthers are just so mediocre that the former might pull off the upset. They’re still the worst run team in football, though, and the Panthers ostensibly are not dead in the water just yet. It appears increasingly likely that Carolina will make an overdue change in the offseason by cutting ties with Ron Rivera, who has just three winning seasons in eight-and-three-quarters seasons with the Panthers.

Packers @ Giants

Buccaneers @ Jaguars

Speaking of cutting ties, I can’t imagine Bruce Arians suffering through one more seasons with Jameis Winston turning the ball over like it’s 1987. The Bucs can beat the Jaguars, for certain, but they’re still a bad team with huge roster holes. Getting a better quarterback might do wonders for them.

Chargers @ Broncos

Patriots @ Texans

Vikings @ Seahawks

Use this as your open thread! In one day, we turn our eyes to the next Falcons game, however reluctantly.