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Falcons - Saints: Reactions and gnashing of teeth from The Falcoholic staff

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We’re tired. You’re tired. Thanksgiving shouldn’t end like that.

NFL: NOV 28 Saints at Falcons Photo by David John Griffin/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

We took a little time to gather ourselves with the long holiday weekend, and now we’re ready to talk about the Falcons.

We are not happy about them.

The End

If the win against the Saints and the Panthers in back to back weeks felt like a mini-revival, this game was the confirmation of the end. Not only did the Falcons incredibly slim playoff hopes die, the coaching future for Dan Quinn, Dirk Koetter and others died with it. It was another dismal performance highlighted by the brutal assault of Matt Ryan to the tune of 9 sacks. While the defense played well considering the circumstances, it was ultimately the kind of loss that leaves a sour taste in the mouth of fans and ultimately, the owner. With four more games to go, it’s time for this team to think about the future. - David Walker

Happy.. Thanksgiving..

I hope that everyone reading this was able to not only spend time with family and friends, but also got to eat plenty before watching the Falcons-Saints game. Considering we were without Julio Jones and Austin Hooper and our offensive line allowed 9 sacks, the game was pretty close. Getting lost in the narrative this season is how well the Falcons defense actually played both times against the Saints. Drew Brees totaled 471 yards and one touchdown this season against the Falcons. Maybe it’s just the “rival” factor, but I wasn’t impressed with the Saints in both matchups. – Evan Birchfield

We need accountability

The Falcons look like a shell of the team that came one quarter away from winning the Super Bowl, and have embarrassed themselves on the national stage against the Saints two years in a row. Two complete anomaly games aside, this season has been abject disaster despite expectations of at least a playoff appearance. Dan Quinn survived a disappointing season last year because of injuries; this year he has no excuse. Dirk Koetter took one of the most talented offensive units in football and made it toothless. Thomas Dimitroff has done a disastrous job of trying to rebuild this offensive line, and he has the team in salary cap hell this coming offseason. Arthur Blank needs to clean house and bring in competent replacements this offseason — we can’t afford to waste another year of Matt and Julio’s prime. - Adnan Ikic

Another nationwide meltdown

I have grown to hate when the Falcons get national games. I would guess they are statistically Matt Ryan’s worst games, and frequently feel like the worst all around effort from the team. After a Thanksgiving full of turkey and wine, I blissfully forgot the Falcons were even playing the late game. I was able to shirk my site responsibilities and gave each play my undivided attention. That was a mistake. I was forced to take in the full brunt of what should be considered full Falcons. It was bad. We saw multiple failures wrapped up in 60 minutes: The failed offensive line fix; shuffling kickers who can’t kick; turnovers; the mediocre defensive line; atrocious coaching and yes I am looking directly at you, Dirk Koetter. It is clear that Thomas Dimitroff and Dan Quinn cannot create a winner. The pathetic display on Thanksgiving just removed any doubt that both must be fired. - Matt Chambers

We’re on the treadmill now

It’s stupid, really, but I was kind of looking forward to the game on Thanksgiving, just in case the Falcons actually managed to dig deep and pull out the win over the Saints. A primetime game against your most hated rival is at least something to get stirred up about.

Now? Now we’re just stuck waiting for the season to end. It’s not that the Falcons couldn’t reach new highs or new lows over the final four games, it’s that we already know how this ends. Atlanta’s getting a top 15 pick (if not top 5), Dan Quinn and Thomas Dimitroff are likely out at the end of the year, and the roster’s getting fumigated a bit after such a dismal year. There’s nothing to look forward to but the end of the season, and given my expectations coming into the year, that’s a pretty huge bummer. — Dave Choate