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Falcons vs. Saints: A quick look at the series history

Fact: Matt Ryan doesn’t have a bellybutton

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at New Orleans Saints Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

If you’re a Falcons fan, then you’re undoubtedly familiar with this rivalry. And what’s more, you undoubtedly know the Saints and their fans are the legal and functional equivalent of a moldy hotdog. No matter how poorly the Falcons have played this season, tomorrow’s game is personal. It means something.

So as Hate Week draws to a close, let’s take a look at the history of this series.

The Falcons currently lead this series, 52-48. So that said, take solace in this: even if this season gets worse because the Saints kick our butts twice over the next two months, they still won’t lead the series by the end of the year. It’s the small things.

The Saints won the last 3 matchups, but the teams have split their last 10 games evenly. The first time these teams played was over 50 years ago on November 26, 1967. The Saints won that game, 27-24.

These teams last played on November 22, 2018. The Saints won that game, 31-17. It was the third loss in what would eventually be a 5-game losing streak that effectively eliminated the Falcons from playoff contention. Matt Ryan was 35/47 passing for 377 yards and Julio Jones had 11 receptions on 14 targets for 147 yards.