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Falcons at 5th in 2020 NFL Draft order after loss to the Saints

That could change after the upcoming weekend.

2018 NFL Draft Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

The Falcons came into Thursday night at sixth in the 2020 NFL Draft order. When they lost to the Saints, they moved to fifth in the order, however temporarily.

The two game winning streak created some fear in the tanking crowd, but the Falcons are right about where they were before they started that streak. The loss temporarily moved them ahead of the also woeful Broncos because they’re 3-9 and the Broncos have yet to play, meaning they stand at 3-8 through Sunday.

What’s increasingly clear is that the Falcons are headed for a top ten pick in 2020. They have but four games left, and one of those is against an excellent 49ers team, meaning they’re headed for at least one loss and likely more with the solid-enough Buccaneers, Jaguars, and Panthers also on the docket. They could very well remain in the top five, giving them a crack at a top defensive player that I hope they’ll take.

With the team at 3-9 and their chance to sweep the Saints this year gone, there’s little else to look forward to besides the prospect of adding a top talent to a roster that needs all the help it can get. Let’s hope for somewhat entertaining football and a new Falcons legend in the spring.