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NFL Week 9 early and late games open thread

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Even some NFC South action.

NFL: OCT 27 Panthers at 49ers Photo by Cody Glenn/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Falcons don’t play today. That’s either a blessing or a curse, depending on how you’re feeling about the team, but either way there’s still plenty of football. Some of it might even be good!

If you’re inclined to watch today, here’s the games on the slate. Texans-Jaguars has already happened.

Bears @ Eagles

Vikings @ Chiefs

Colts @ Steelers

Jets @ Dolphins

Washington @ Bills

Titans @ Panthers

Lions @ Raiders

Buccaneers @ Seahawks

The two NFC South games of the week are highlighted not because they really impact the Falcons, but because they might be two of the more competitive games of the weekend. Tampa Bay is still trying to find some consistency and the Panthers are hoping to keep winning despite badly bungling Cam Newton’s medical condition, as one does. I’d rather see either one of those teams pull off the division title than the Saints, so I guess go them?

Otherwise, the two games most worth watching are probably Jets-Dolphins (sheer horror on a football field) and Chiefs-Vikings (which might legitimately be very good). No matter which ones you’re focusing on, use this as your open thread.