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The Falcoholic’s midseason awards: Biggest WTF moment of the 2019 season

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There are so many from which to choose!

NFL: Tennessee Titans at Atlanta Falcons Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

If you’ve been watching the Falcons at all this season, chances are you’ve yelled some version of “WTF???!!!?!!?” at your television or from your seat at the Benz at some point. The team has given us plenty of reasons to react that way.

In the spirit of our midseason awards at The Falcoholic, let’s talk about the biggest WTF moment of the 2019 season. It’s not an easy decision.

Not firing Dan Quinn at the bye

Yeah, I said it. Sure, the Falcons are dealing with some injuries to key players, but that’s a part of every season for every team. Dan Quinn took over the defensive coordinator responsibilities and opted to not make a change even though the defense is legitimately terrible. I know the players love him — and I like him a hell of a lot, too — but it’s clear that Quinn isn’t getting through to this team, and it’s unclear why he’s still got this job. Oh, well, maybe keeping him around will the Falcons a getter chance of landing Chase Young. - Jeanna Thomas

Typical Falcons Play

My biggest WTF moment of the season actually happened in their only win. It was 4th and 14 and all the Falcons needed to do was make one single play to slam the door and preserve a Week 2 win. Instead, Carson Wentz escaped a sack and hoisted a prototypical “Oh what the hell” type pass in the air that was hauled in by Nelson Agholor for a gain of 43 yards. After the catch, the defense looked temporarily stunned and the home crowd in unison released a depressing groan. It felt like a play that only this Falcons defense would allowed. Luckily, they escaped with a win, but Julian Edelman flashbacks still manifest for a brief moment. - Eric Robinson

The giving up moment

It would be hard for me to overstate how angry I was when the Falcons made their most “OK, I give up” move of the year. Facing a 4th and 1 and having had some success against the Seahawks in the second quarter down 3-0, Quinn elected to have Matt Bryant kick a 51-yard field goal, which he promptly missed. The very next drive, now down 10-0, the Falcons went for it and converted.

That first play summed up the Falcons perfectly. Right now, they have no idea whether they’re desperately seeking a win or just along for the ride, and there was no way a dicey field goal with your legendary kicker who had been struggling past 50 yards was a better decision than going for it with a chance to actually take the lead. Dan Quinn is on the cusp of being fired and the Falcons are pretending it’s business as usual. - Dave Choate

Cutting Matt Bryant

There’s been a lot of WTF moments in 2019 for the Falcons. In my opinion, cutting Matt Bryant was the worst. At 1-7, why are you targeting special teams as the place to make changes. The defense has been an absolute joke, but yes, let’s get cut our franchise-leading scorer mid-season. That ought to do it. There’s a reason this talented team is 1-7, management. Evan Birchfield

Making Marcus Mariota look like Steve Young

Marcus Mariota is so bad that he was benched for Ryan Tannehill in a Week 6 disaster. He would’ve been benched a lot sooner if he didn’t have the fortune of playing Atlanta’s defense in Week 4. The Falcons legitimately extended the starting life of a terrible quarterback by two weeks because of how bad they were. Just for reference, Mariota threw three touchdowns in his last four games as a starter, and all three happened in that Week 4 matchup. In my opinion, Dan Quinn should have been fired immediately following that game if Atlanta wanted to have any hope of salvaging this season. - Adnan Ikic