Well!! My prediction was very wrong! Hello Top 5 pick! Goodbye TD and DQ! Time to trim the fat... Plan for next year?

Cut TD and DQ, neither is good anymore. Idk who our next coach/GM will be but there aren't a lot of good candidates out there. At least none that I know of but they can't be any worse than these 2. Go Offensive minded HC. Wouldn't mind actually getting a genius Defensive HC, that will actually use all of our talent effectively.

Players to cut/Trade

Trade,Rico (cap space,picks)

Trade,Free (cap space,picks)

Trade,Mack (cap space,picks)

Cut brown or Carpenter (whoever frees up the most cap)

Cut/rescind Schaub/Neal

That should put us in the 20-25M range.

We can't cut him but we need to restructure MR, we need to free up 10M minimum from that.

Once we are in the 30-35M range we are good. If we can pick up an extra Mid round pick or two from trading Rico and Mack that w uld be awesome. I even think we could get some second or third rounders out of them. (Wishful thinking)

Re-sign Hooper and maybe Campbell, idk.

Draft high round and Sign O-line, we have to continue to do this to improve this unit. Eventually we will either find at least 4 usable guys or have insane depth. Do the same with the D-line.

Draft either that OT from UGA or a DE/DT. IDC who it is as long as it's along the lines. Either get that C biadasz(???idk how to spell that Trainwreck of a name) or slide someone inside that can play center, maybe put Wes? Idk. I doubt we do this for obvious reasons but our Depth on the O-line would be insane.

I hope we get Epenesa or Chase, if not DB wouldn't be bad either (War D***). IF and that's a huge IF, we do anything else here go LB. If we go CB we will have insane depth but I hope we don't, I want some Trench dominance! That alone would help our young CB's a lot, probably a lot more than going CB.

Get a True SS and another S somewhere then continue to pick depth a long both lines of scrimmage. That's it.

Our skill positions are actually set up great, we just need a GM that knows how to fix the LOS. If we can do that, we will win a SB.

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