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Burning Falcons - Saints questions, Week 13: Can Atlanta’s offense finally win the game?

What do we ponder ahead of Saints 2019 Part II?

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at New Orleans Saints Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

It’s high time the Atlanta Falcons figure out their problems on offense.

Don’t think too much about the injuries. No, not having Austin Hooper, Devonta Freeman, Ito Smith and Chris Lindstrom does not help, but consider what they do have.

They’ve got Matt Ryan, Julio Jones, Calvin Ridley, Jake Matthews, Alex Mack, Russell Gage and a promising rookie right tackle in Kaleb McGary. For a coordinator who is so pass-happy as Dirk Koetter, that should be enough for fireworks. Heck, Freeman’s even coming back.

The Falcons offense has been deeply disappointing all season long, and injuries were rarely what you blamed. The schemes are largely vanilla, and the team’s inability to run the ball has been horrible, even if the blocking hasn’t been all that stellar.

Koetter’s return to Atlanta hasn’t at all been what some of us expected, and those that decried the move look more and more prescient every day.

The team’s defense is just going to be what it is at this point, a wild card every week for groundswell or headache, so it’s just going to have to finally be the offense that helps out matters.

With the Saints coming to town and admittedly boasting a formidable defensive outfit, the Falcons will indeed have their hands full. But excuses only run so deep.

Atlanta has the pieces and, quite frankly, the play calling ability, to stay in lockstep with New Orleans. Koetter is a better play caller than this; he has been wildly disappointing and can very much do more to help this team out.

Can the offense finally lead this week against the Saints if the defense can’t carry the load?

We’ll soon find out.