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Falcons bring back the throwbacks one more time on Thanksgiving

They’re beautiful, even if the Falcons haven’t played particularly well in them.

NFL: SEP 29 Titans at Falcons

If you’re a throwback enthusiast, you’ll get one more opportunity for a dose of powerful nostalgia tomorrow night when the Falcons host the Saints. If you’re not a fan of the throwbacks or you believe they’re cursed, as many of you do, you will probably be less thrilled.

The Falcons have lost more games than they’ve won in the throwbacks, true, and they suffered through a particularly grim loss to the Titans and Marcus Mariota earlier this year while wearing them, which can make them feel a bit cursed. The Falcons also have a couple of nice wins in these and won many games in the 90s, including an NFC Conference Championship Game, so I still am not prepared to tolerate your slander of these.

With the throwbacks in full effect, the team’s final primetime game happening Thursday night, and the hated Saints up in that game, it really feels like everything coming after this is going to be anti-climactic. After a season that’s felt interminably long that’s probably a blessing, but let’s hope we get to watch the Falcons win stylishly one final time tomorrow night.