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Desmond Trufant sets career high in interceptions

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He hasn’t even played half a season worth of games yet.

Todd Kirkland/Getty Images

Desmond Trufant, who has long been criticized for his inability to catch the ball and secure interceptions, has not had that issue this season.

On Jameis Winston’s first pass of the game this afternoon, Trufant undercut Mike Evans’ route and secured an interception. That’s his fourth pick of the season — a career high.

Trufant’s previous career high for interceptions was three, in his sophomore season in 2014. He had nine pics in his six-year career coming into the 2019 campaign.

What’s even more impressive is that Trufant has secured this career mark in just his seventh game played this season — that’s less than half a season worth of work. Trufant intercepted Carson Wentz twice in the Week 2 win over the Philadelphia Eagles, and got his third off of Kyle Allen in Week 11’s win against the Carolina Panthers.

Trufant missed four games to injury this season. His interception count could’ve been even better than it is now if not for the ailment. He still has five more games to add to that career mark.