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Fan confidence surges as the Falcons paddle the Panthers

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Two straight NFC South wins have Falcons fans feeling festive.

NFL: NOV 10 Falcons at Saints Photo by Stephen Lew/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

If I gave you ten opportunities to predict the way this season would unfold back in late August, I doubt more than a handful of Falcons fans would’ve even gotten close to this. It has been largely demoralizing, occasionally wonderful, and deeply confusing for the average fan.

Right now, though, things are suddenly coming up roses. Per our weekly FanPulse poll here at The Falcoholic, the Falcons fanbase was one of the least confident in the NFL heading into the bye week. They had reason to be. The Falcons were 1-7, hadn’t made any major changes at that point, and were heading for a critical offseason with only a top draft pick to look forward to.

This week, the percentage of fans who said they were confident in the team’s direction—which is a vague but approving sort of thing—hit 40%. There are 16 other teams who felt less positive about their team’s direction this week, ranging from the Broncos (39%) to the Jaguars (2%). A lot can change in two weeks, especially when you’re beating up on two of your most hated rivals.

What’s next for the Falcons and this fanbase? The reality is that winning fixes a lot of perception problems, at least over the short term, and as long as the Falcons keep winning a sizeable chunk of this fanbase will feel pretty good about them. With a home game against the Bucs looming, the Falcons may be able to claw their way to 4-7, which is a terribly disappointing record in a vacuum but genuinely surprising given how low they had gone earlier in the year.

But that would be getting ahead of things a little bit. The Falcons are unpredictable, and confident or not, all we can do is stay on the ride.