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Report: Dan Quinn, who has not been fired during the bye week, will not be fired during the bye week

This is basically a confirmation of reports that were already out there, but housekeeping is housekeeping.

Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Arthur Blank said he would take the bye week and presumably the week following to evaluate the coaching staff and decide whether Dan Quinn would remain the head coach of the Falcons. Jeff Schultz at The Athletic wrote that up, noting the team’s many problems, and noted that Blank would be getting together senior staff including Rich McKay (but maybe not Thomas Dimitroff) to discuss his fate.

“We’ll take the next couple of weeks during this bye period and evaluate where we are, and whatever decision we make, it will be for the right reasons and long term,” [Blank] said, adding later with punctuation, “I’m not bashful about making those decisions.”

We all assume, I think, that a move isn’t coming until at least after the next game, and perhaps not until the end of the season. Now Mike Garafolo and Ian Rapoport with the NFL Network are confirming that no move will be made, either here in the next couple of days or the next week.

This doesn’t preclude the Falcons from making a move at any time following the next eight games, but one gets the sense that Arthur Blank is looking for reasons not to move on from Dan Quinn until it becomes indefensible to keep him. Some may feel we’ve already reached this point, but the continued faith in the coach of a 1-7 team and its awful defense and the seeming lack of involvement for Thomas Dimitroff could suggest a team more ready to move on from its GM than its head coach.

For all that, don’t be stunned if Quinn doesn’t survive the next game or two if the Falcons are going to continue to get blown out, which is a distinct possibility. This team probably isn’t going to miraculously get back on track thanks to a week off, after all.